Traffic Scotland DATEXII - Upgrade announcement!

Traffic Scotland would like to advise that we are replacing both of the current DATEXII version 1.0 and 2.0 services with a new DATEXII version 2.3 service that will include an online subscription and account management function.

Traffic Scotland DATEXII version 2 subscribers will need to re-subscribe to the new service in order to keep receiving Traffic Scotland DATEXII feeds. DATEXII version 1 subscribers will need to re-subscribe and also migrate their DATEXII receivers to be able to consume DATEXII version 2.3 feeds.

In order to allow subscribers time to migrate, this service will continue to operate in parallel with the new service until the end of January 2021. After this time, this service will be switched off and will no longer be available.

For information on how to subscribe to the new service, please go to:

Publication Name Content.xml File Metadata.xml File
UnplannedEvents Content Metadata
CurrentRoadworks Content Metadata
FutureRoadworks Content Metadata
TravelTimeData Content Metadata
TravelTimeSites Content Metadata
TrafficStatusData Content Metadata
TrafficStatusSites Content Metadata
VMS Content Metadata
VMSTable Content Metadata

For further information or assistance please contact